How To Catch The Eye Of A Headhunter

1. What is the difference between a head hunter and a recruitment agency consultant? A head hunter would at all times work on exclusive assignments on a retainer basis. This means that we work very closely with our clients against very specific criteria to fill a … Read More

How To Skirt The Danger Zones At Your End-Of-Year Party

Looking forward to letting your hair down at the annual office party? That’s understandable. You deserve a chance to unwind, relax and have fun with colleagues. But be warned: letting your hair down can degenerate into letting yourself down. In worst-case scenarios … Read More

From Kitchen Table to Boardroom Table

Well appointed Illovo offices, blue-chip clients, a leadership position in its niche, international growth, no debt and a positive cash flow... Talent Africa puts a tick in all these boxes, yet it's a start-up that began life in the depths of recession. The business … Read More


Gender Correctness… The Taboo Executives Don’t Even Discuss

Women are finally beginning to enter that previously male preserve, the senior executive suite, and a good thing, too. How do men – and women – adapt to this situation? Regrettably, there is little discussion of this topic. There should be because some unforeseen … Read More

The Role of the Go-Between in Executive Remuneration

The worldwide financial crisis opened the floodgates of discussion about executive compensation and the role it played. The debate and discussion continues unabated as media, government and statutory bodies thrash out the what’s and wherefores of remuneration policy … Read More

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